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The Heat Pump: The Most Popular Air Conditioning System in Debary

Florida living is great, but you wouldn’t want to live long without air conditioning in Debary, Fl! That’s why Air Current, Inc. guarantees same-day service! We have multiple service trucks for a speedy response. All of our service people are well trained in AC repairs for all brands of air conditioning units.

A heat pump is an air conditioning system in which the refrigeration cycle can be reversed, producing heating instead of cooling in the indoor environment. They are also commonly referred to as a "reverse cycle air conditioning". The heat pump is significantly more energy efficient than electric resistance heating. Some homeowners elect to have a heat pump system installed as a feature of central air conditioning.

Air-source heat pumps are more popular in milder winter climates like Debary where the temperature is frequently in the range of 40-55° F. This is because ice forms on the outdoor air conditioning unit's heat exchanger coil, which blocks air flow over the coil. To compensate for this, the air conditioning system must temporarily switch back into the regular air conditioning mode to switch the outdoor evaporator coil back to being the condenser coil, so that it can heat up and defrost. To prevent the blowing of cold air into the air conditioned space, electrical coils will heat the incoming air, which leads to inefficiency. However, this rarely occurs in the air conditioning systems in Debary, because of the warmer climate.

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