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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Debary

August 18, 2014

Air Conditioning and AC Repair in Debary Purchasing an a new air conditioning system is an investment, much like buying a car. Many consumers do not see it that way. After spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you would not ignore a flat tire or squeaky breaks. Why would you ignore your air conditioning maintenance and subject yourself to inefficiency and increased energy bills? Picking the right energy efficient air conditioning unit can save you a bundle.

You could also face possible health issues, emergency repairs and having to replace your system sooner than you should simply by not scheduling regular maintenance. The same as your auto, do not let problem persist and change your oil on a regular basis. Yearly service and maintenance for your air conditioning can cut back on air conditioning repair calls.

Why Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

Be More Efficient Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning system is subject to wear and tear and works approximately 20 % harder, affecting your energy bill. Lower Your Utility Bill By regularly maintaining your air conditioning system, it will require less energy to function properly and efficiently, lowering your energy bill.

Having filters cleaned and replaced regularly will remove mold, dust mites and other toxic airborne pollutants and improve your indoor air quality. Leaving you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

The average lifespan of a well-maintained air conditioning system is over 10 years. If you do not protect your investment, you may be replacing you system sooner, costing you more money.

Less Stress on Your AC Unit

Your air conditioning system gets a workout in the summer and winter months. And without regular air conditioning maintenance, all of the stress you have put it through could lead to you needing an emergency AC repair, causing you financial and mental stress.

Save Money with AC Warranties

With AC parts under warranty, you will not need to pay more money to replace them. Be sure to check your warranties and schedule your maintenance accordingly. Regular air conditioning maintenance will prolong the life of your AC unit. Saving you money and keeping you and your family comfortable, healthy and happy for years to come. Call your local Air Current Inc air conditioning service department and check our your best options for setting up yearly checkups for your air conditioning system. We can save you money and service calls in the long run. Proper maintenance for your air conditioning unit will save you on your energy costs.

Call today and we can answer all your AC questions.

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