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Air Conditioning Tips For Reduced Consumption in DeBary

June 27, 2016

Air Conditioning and AC Repair in Debary The majority of homeowners simply turn their air conditioning on or off depending on their usage needs. What they don't realize is that they could get more out of their cooling system if they implement simple strategies. They can even reduce consumption and save a significant amount of money.

The Location of Your Air Conditioning System in DeBary, FL Matters!

The local climate will always affect the home usage patterns. In DeBary, FL as in the rest of the state, the temperature generally ranges from mild to hot. Summer can be scorching and the wet season can bring hurricanes to the region. However, it never really becomes too cold. Air conditioning today are equipped to deal with large temperature variations. They can even help to control humidity for greater comfort.

Consider the Orientation of Your Air Conditioning System as Related to Your House in DeBary, FL

Consider the layout of your house. This will also determine its cooling needs. Many are designed to face the north and south. Others may go from east to west. Be mindful of where the sun shines most on throughout the day. The direction of the winds will also affect the air circulation and temperature variance around the house.

Those that face east-west tend to suffer from extreme heat during summer afternoons. It may be necessary to change AC settings to compensate for this. Right around noon, the unit should be switched to a cooler temperature in order to be ready for the coming heat.

Common Sense Air Conditioning Power Usage in DeBary, FL

It all boils down to common sense. Limit air conditioning use to the hours when it is truly required. Do not let is run throughout the day especially when there will be no one around to enjoy the cool air. This will only lead to wear and tear that will reduce efficiency as well as the service life of the unit. The temperature settings should also be modified in relation to the actual needs.

Using power saving mode is a good idea. This will allow the system to automatically modify the settings depending on environmental cues. The unit will be shut down if it is sufficiently cold.

Consider Light and Shade in Your House in DeBary, FL

Interior heat can be minimized by keeping the blinds closed and using light-colored curtains. The AC will not have to work too hard and consumption will drop.

Sun screens may be used to shield exposed areas in east-west facing homes. They can be procured at a low price and are easy to install. Use them to lessen the burden on the air conditioning system.

Maintain Your Insulation at Proper Levels to Keep Your Air Conditioning Inside!

The outer walls, windows, and doors should have excellent sealing to prevent cold air from escaping through the cracks. The walls must also feature good insulation material that can slow down heat transfer.

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